Monkey Bread

1 Aug


Happy August! To celebrate this beautiful summer month, here is a delicious dessert (or breakfast, if you think your stomach can handle so much sugar first thing in the morning). It’s a fun food for all ages, but be forewarned it is very messy to eat…you’ll be using your fingers! This is a very simple recipe to follow, so even our inexperienced readers can try it at home. So, what are you waiting for?! Roll up your sleeves and make it, this bread is delicious.


  • 4 cans refrigerated biscuits
  • 3/4 stick of butter
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 2 Tbsp cinnamon


1.) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease a 10 inch tube or bundt pan. Cut each biscuit into four segments.

2.) In a medium sized plastic bag, mix the cinnamon and white sugar together. You’ll use this bag to coat your biscuit in yummy goodness. Place a few segments into the bag and shake what your mother gave you!

3.) Once all the segments are properly coated, take the biscuits out and layer them in the pan. Repeat this process until all of the biscuits are used up.

4.) Combine the butter, brown sugar and any remaining sugar/cinnamon mixture in a small pot over medium heat. Allow them to boil for one minute.

5.) Pour the glaze over the biscuits. Try to make sure that the glaze gets to the lower layers of the bread (it might even be a good idea to layer the glaze as you add biscuit segments).

6.) Bake your dish in the oven for 28-35 minutes. Remove when bread is golden brown and sauce is bubbly. Let it cool for 10 minutes in the pan, turn it over onto a plate and ENJOY!

The original recipe comes from the Pillsbury website, but it can also be found  over here.

Click here for a printer friendly version.


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