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T-Rex Watermelon!

12 Jul


Now this is a really fun thing to try at home! Let’s say you’re having a barbecue and you really want to bring/make the best thing ever. There’s one easy choice for what to bring:


Now, I’m sure some of you may be intimidated by this ferocious beast, but don’t worry, even you can tame this dino. Just follow these easy steps and please be careful, we don’t want anyone losing any fingers trying to impress their friends.


  • 1 Large Watermelon
  • Whatever other fruit you’d like to put into your fruit salad
  • Toothpicks


1.) Wash the exterior of the watermelon. Find the flattest side and use this as the base of the T-Rex head. If no sides are suitable simply cut a thin slice off to make a flat bottom.

2.) Lightly draw the mouth onto the T-Rex using pencil. When deciding the size of the mouth remember that you’ll be cutting teeth out of the rind too, so make the opening a little smaller than desired. *It is VERY important to leave enough rind at the back of the jaw so that it can support the top half of the head.

3.) Turn the watermelon so the opening is facing the ceiling and cut away the mouth area using a sharp knife. Scoop out as much fruit as you can using a melon-baller (or a simple spoon works too) and place in a separate bowl for later. While you are scooping, be careful so that you don’t crack your buddy’s jaw (T-Rex’s do NOT like to have surgery).

Scoop Insides

4.) Carve whatever kind of jagged teeth you’d like into the mouth opening.

5.) Cut eyebrow and nose pieces from the leftover rind.

6.) Position the eyebrow on the T-Rex head. Attach it using toothpicks.

7.) Carve out an eye under the eyebrow (cutting all the way through the rind). Do the same for the other side of the head.

8.) Add the nostril pieces to the front of the watermelon once again using toothpicks as the anchor.

9.) Now your T-Rex is almost complete! Just fill with the watermelon that you removed earlier, and any other desired fruit.

Original concept and great how-to pictures can be found here.

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